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Inspirational Clocks that tell the times and seasons

The Ten Commandmants Clock in Green Marble

These wonderful clocks are designed and crafted to express a biblical theme that has followed us throughout time.  They are individually cut with a laser and engraved with inspirational verses to go with the scriptural theme.  A simple quartz movement that runs on a AA battery.  We are altering these designs so that the laser cut clock faces are placed on a rectangle wooden plaque backing.

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Biblical Clocks that are handcrafted from scratch

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10 Commandments Handmade Arc of the Covenant Clock (SKU: 200ARC0916)10 Commandments Handmade Arc of the Covenant Clock (SKU: 200ARC0916)This elegant piece reflects the time in the wilderness when GOD commanded Moses to build the Mishkan (tabernacle), and place specific pieces of furniture and articles in it. In the Holy of Holies, the innermost part of the tabernacle, Moses was commanded to place the Arc of the Covenant. God then instructed him to place inside the Arc the Ten Commandments, two pieces of manna, and the rod of Aaron.
Moses Clock With the Ten Commandments (SKU: 200MOSES0814)Moses Clock With the Ten Commandments (SKU: 200MOSES0814)"This Jewish Messianic religious clock portrays two of many defining moments in the life of Moses. The graphics are remarkably life-like on this piece as it captures the moment when Moses met the LORD in a burning bush in Exodus chapter 3, and later in the wilderness when he came down from Mt. Horeb with the Ten Commandments in his hands. Another one of our great handcrafted unique gifts."
Noah's Arc Clock (SKU: 200NOA1015)Noah's Arc Clock (SKU: 200NOA1015)A religious clock heirloom! A favorite treasure in our parade of handcrafted unique gifts - This wonderful Messianic Jewish clock is so versatile with its well known theme that its right at home in any room of your home, from the baby's nursery to the most elegant formal setting. The Messianic Jewish theme of this bible scripture work is that of the TIME of Noah. The bible scripture says that Noah was a righteous man who loved God and obeyed His commandments.
Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem Clock - Psalm 122 (SKU: 200PRAY4P11125)Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem Clock - Psalm 122 (SKU: 200PRAY4P11125)This Messianic Jewish religious clock portrays the bible scripture theme of the 122nd Psalm "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem" If there ever was a time to understand the full depth of this Messianic Jewish scripture, it is now in these days we live in. Praying for the peace of Jerusalem is not a casual suggestion, but rather a command from God to you that you may be blessed.
Ten Commandments Clock Made from Marble (SKU: 715-7918192)Ten  Commandments Clock Made from Marble (SKU: 715-7918192)Unique gift ideas, the ultimateten commandments engraved gift. It's wonderful to give the Ten Commandments to someone you love! We are proud to announce our Beauty For Ashes exclusive design, "The Ten Commandment Clock engraved on marble". An engraved gift that has no equal! We have also custom designed just for these breathtaking novelty gifts, two different types of frames.
Have you been seeking quality christian gifts, very unique gifts, or unique gift ideas? Maybe a beautifully hand-crafted Messianic bible scripture engraved plaques, novelty gifts, or very unusual gifts? You have arrived at the right place!  We have very unique Christian gifts and Judaica ranging from engraved plaques made from exotic marble to collectable inspirational gifts such as our handcrafted scripture clocks, and a wide variety of inspirational gifts laser engraved with meaningful words from the scriptures you will cherish for a lifetime. We have engraved a large range of scripture including Psalms and Proverbs as well as popular individual verses from both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. 
And don't forget!  We will personalize any of our items at no extra cost!!!
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